A website owned by a kid named Nigel Smith, I would get the .com but that was already taken..

No, this is patrick

what am i supposed to put here?

Nigel Smith

Not much to know or learn about me, you could just keep scrolling.

Elements Page

This page shows you the elements of the website template, just ignore this. I am currently using it and don't want to remove it from the actual pages yet. This page is just for testing purposes.

so, you bought a website for no reason?

yeah I needed to practice my html, but this page uses a template. uhhhhhhh, and godaddy had a deal where i got a free email service, domain, and 12 months of hosting for 12 dollars. all for a bit of fun? yup, totally worth it.

My coding experience

Obviously it sucks, because I am using a website template. However, I do love using templates because you still have to put in the work, unlike those terrible websites like wix, and you don't really need to know js, sass, and the css is already done for you.

This website is just waiting to be hacked

This website has basically no security, and I didn't pay anything for any of the security. Basically you can find my address, email, name, and other registries really easy. -and no, that's not an invitation.

My work

I have basically no experience, but I have some connections. HMU

I love videogames

The word "videogames" has a bad connotation to it, however, they are fun. I like to play steam games like Slime Rancher, CS:GO, and others. I bought rust but my potato can't run it.

I am locked up in Elon Musk's dungeon


I am poor asf lol

I work as a dogsitter and make $5 a day only on days she wants me to work. I also can't seem to get a job. (Mostly because I haven't bothered to apply.)

Contact me

Currently this message box does not work, however soon I will get it to. I mean, if its really that bad then just send me snail mail, or an email.